Original NFT collection of 2,222 unique Solana blockchain heroines fighting for freedom. A war is taking place, between rival blockchains and the government. Only through unity can the blockchains defeat their common enemy.

World of Solana is conceptualized by BTG, a famous female 2D artist known for her semi-realistic style. She specializes in human anatomy. Her mastery of body proportions allows her to add unique twists to her illustrations.



01 – Mint

  • Self-launch 2,222 WOS NFTs ✔️
  • Release non-custodial staking ✔️
  • Charity donation to the ICFC

02 – Utility

  • Deliver non-deflationary fusion ✔️
  • Open non-custodial marketplaces ✔️
  • Write a novel based on the lore

03 – Artwork

  • Transition Solana to the metaverse ✔️
  • Design new traits and 1:1 mythics ✔️
  • Introduce new blockchain heroes ✔️


20% of secondary sales royalties, up to $5K, goes to the International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC), an NGO aiming to conserve natural ecosystems and biodiversity in the tropics and where wildlife diversity is at risk.


François Soto

Founder & COO

Manager with 15 years of experience in the asset management industry.

« In this collection, we felt empowered to create an original character of Solana, from a sci-fi / fantasy perspective. We made sure to highlight her as a strong female protagonist. Solana is a courageous, intelligent, powerful and caring blockchain heroine. »



Famous cartoonist and illustrator specialized in computer graphics.

Cyber Frogs


Solana blockchain builder. Front-end and back-end expert.



Community-led marketplace on Solana. WOS / SOL Shop builder.


Our rendition of how Solana as a blockchain heroine would look like.

There is 2,222 unique, algorithmically generated Solana’s.

The collection has 150 traits across 17 categories. You can see them in the rarity section.

We are listed on OpenSea, Magic Eden, Solanart, and Solsea.

Yes, the royalties are set at 5%.

We have no affiliation with Solana Labs.

For business enquiries, please send us a message on Discord.

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